PhotoBleed™ developer blog

By: Eivind F. Skjellum
May 29, 2012


What we are currently working on

As you may have noticed, we launched PhotoBleed™ a  week ago. Thanks to all of you who have signed up since. We’re really enjoying seeing what you do with our technology.

And as expected – problems have appeared. This is a quick update on the issues we are currently working on.

  1. Scrollbar on front page: For some reason, our scrollbar technology is being a pain on the front page. If you have too many galleries, they will now drop outside of the screen. As long as the scrollbar isn’t working, this will make them unavailable for the user. This has a high priority for us.
  2. Image preloading: Right now, we don’t start loading a new photo before the user requests it. We are working on changing that, ensuring that the subsequent image starts loading before the user requests it. The images will appear faster and make the user experience much smoother.
  3. Image uploading: We have had complaints that resizing images before uploading them is too much work. We are now working on streamlining this process, so you don’t have to mess around in Photoshop before uploading. When we are done, you will be able to upload any JPG or PNG and then PhotoBleed™ will serve a version of your photo that is optimized for the user platform. For instance, we will stop serving huge photos to an iPhone. As it is now, some of you are uploading photographs that are 6MP+ and our new algorithms will downsize that and ensure the best combination of speed and ease of use.
  4. Loading speeds: Some of you have complained that load speeds are slow. #2 and #3 go a long way to remedy this. Here’s some additional info: We are serving the data from an Amazon S3 server in Ireland. Depending on your location, you may experience relative shifts in loading speeds. In addition to implementing #2 and #3, we are also working on better caching. When we’re done, loading speeds should be dramatically improved.
  5. Facebook sharing: For some reason, the Facebook sharing is being fidgety with us, refusing to work on some sites and working just fine on others. We are investigating this.

Reported issues that we have already fixed

  1. Gallery placement: There was a problem with the calculation of the headers on the front page, leading to faulty placement of the galleries.

Are there any other issues that you want us to know about? If so, please write about them below.

Thanks :-)

on behalf of the PhotoBleed™ team



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