PhotoBleed™ developer blog

By: Kaare Saatvedt
March 27, 2012


Visual options for first release pt. 2


thanks for all your input on visual options for our first release. Based on your comments, we have made some changes  to the visual options:

  • Option of background colour, white or black
    We have decided to make a colorwheel so you will be able to change the background colour to whichever colour you want. The same colour option will also be available for text and other elements on the site.
  • Option of frame, on or off
  • Some different sets of navigation arrows
    You will not be able to change the graphics of these in the first release. We intend to remove these buttons altogether and instead have the cursor transform to navigation arrows, depending on which half of the screen your cursor is on. We think this will make your photos look cleaner.
  • Some different sets of fonts
    We are working on Typekit integration, and we will offering some different font sets to choose from. If you have font wishes, feel free to tell us. I can’t  promise they will be implemented, but I will check them out and try to make them work. You will find our available fonts at   (The font set up will be like this: FONT 1: TITLE, FONT 2; TAGLINES(above the title),  GALLERYNAMES and font for SUBPAGES)
  • New Feature. You will be able to replace the header(taglines and title) with your own image.

Thanks for being part of the development:)

Cheers, Kaare

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