PhotoBleed™ developer blog

By: Kaare Saatvedt
February 21, 2012


Visual options for first release

Hi, I´m Kaare Saatvedt. I am the visual designer of PhotoBleed™.  We are closing in on product launch, and I will be working on some different visual options for our first release. The demo site is now showing the basis of PhotoBleed™, but we will be adding features as we go along. For our first release, we are thinking of adding some simple visual options:

  • Option of background colour, white or black
  • Option of frame, on or off
  • Some different sets of navigation arrows
  • Some different sets of fonts

Do you think theese options adds value to the service? Are there other visual options that you would like implemented on our first release? We are making this service for you guys, so all suggestions will be appreciated:)

Kaare Saatvedt
PhotoBleed™ visual designer

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