PhotoBleedâ„¢ developer blog

By: Eivind F. Skjellum
February 20, 2012


Technology update

I’m damned very ;) pleased to say that we have fixed a big PhotoBleedâ„¢ challenge today. The issue (without going into too much nerdy detail) was that the preloading wasn’t working as it should. Instead of preloading your photographs, we “drew” them with a vertical “scanline”. To be frank, it looked ugly!

We have now managed to fix the preloading technology so that we accurately preload a photograph before we display it. Additionally, we have added a small fade when switching between photographs, which is subtle but very appealing effect, I hope you’ll agree.

Another small victory for us here that will make your portfolio look that much sharper!

Check it out on the demo and please tell us what you think!

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