PhotoBleed™ developer blog

By: Eivind F. Skjellum
February 14, 2012


Welcome to the PhotoBleed™ developer blog!

PhotoBleed™ development is proceeding and we want to include you, our extended PhotoBleed™ family in the development process.

We think there are two ways to develop products. The first involves hiding in an office somewhere, carefully guarding our secrets for fear that someone might steal our idea. In secrecy, we develop a product we think would be great for you, without even asking you if that’s true. It’s completely hit and miss, absolutely lonely and entirely uninteractive.

The second methodology of product development is different. Here we develop our product from openness and transparency. We are unafraid of the competition and inspired by the idea that our users will be part of the  development process. This is a co-creative process where every step of the way is communicated openly to you. This way we get to create a product that all of us love!

I probably don’t need to mention which one we prefer. Obviously, we want you to get involved!! And that’s why we are creating this developer blog.

This is a place for you to offer feedback to us and ensure that the PhotoBleed™ product is exactly what you want when it is launched sometime in Q1 2012.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. In fact, let’s start right away! Can you please based on the PhotoBleed™ demo tell us what you are most excited about in this upcoming service? And do you already see possibilities for improvements or additions?

If so, speak out! Thanks! :-)

Eivind Figenschau Skjellum,
PhotoBleed™ head developer

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